Intempt's Employee Handbook

Intempt's Employee Handbook

This is a living document with everything we've learned working with people while running a startup. And, of course, we continue to learn. Therefore it's a document that will continue to change.

These are the lessons from three years of working with the people of Intempt. It contains everything from how our leadership works to how we increase salaries, from how we hire and fire to how we think people should give each other feedback — and much more.

We've made this document because we want to learn from you. We're very much interested in your feedback (including weeding out typo's). Email us at

Intempt Values

Work hard, never stop learning, create remarkable things, help others and always stop to enjoy the moment

How we work
Salary policy

People operations

You can tell a company's DNA by looking at how they deal with the practical stuff.

Perks and benefits
Setting up a home office
Paid time off
Intempt is hiring

Feedback and development

The number 1 reason for people to work at Intempt is growing and learning with smart people building a long-lasting product company

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
Learning & Development Plans
Expectations at different levels
To Do/Read in your first week
Company Alignment & Individual Goal Setting
Intempt library

People topics

We recognize that each of our successes is dependent on the successes of those around us

Getting people in!
Diversity and Inclusion
Remote workstation
Intempt Social Code
Some Things we Discourage

Before you started we would like you to get familiar with Intempt's eight philosophies making us to be proud of what we do and love what we working on.

If you want to work at Intempt you can check our job ads here.