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Intempt's Employee Handbook

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Helping small businesses deal with growth

Growth happens.
Growth makes a lot of things more difficult - people don’t know each other as well, information is harder to find, stuff gets lost, communication becomes muddled, it becomes harder to stay on top of everything that’s going on and most importantly customer experiences start to suffer.
What worked for 3 people at $100K in revenue, doesn’t work as well at 6 or 8 at $1M in revenues. And certainly not 10, 15, 25 or more at $5M+ in revenues.
At some point, growing small businesses need a Customer Experience Management system, something to stay organized, something to grow with so they don’t lose control of customers along the way. Customer Analytics, Experiences, Journeys and Data Management work needs a home.
Most companies cobble together a latticework of separate data and marketing tools as they grow, but the weight of disorganization and lack of order collapses and eventually catches up to them. Without the necessary data structure and communication context to make it useful.
This is where Intempt comes in.
Intempt helps growing companies organize their customer data, customer communications, and analytics in one place so they have a central source of truth. Employees know who their customers are, what to do with them next and marketing is accountable.
This is what we do here. It takes many forms, and we’re always working towards a more perfect system, but we help marketing and data teams get their shit together - and keep it together - so they can do their best work with their team, in their company, for their customers.
Intempt’s eight philosophies
1. Product design philosophy
The raison d’être of Intempt is to ‘make the best product’, which is the cornerstone of the business philosophy. Intempt defines ‘the best’ as products that are functional, multifunctional (“why buy two pieces of tech when one will do the work of both?”), friendly, flexible, fast, and thoroughly tested for industrial scale.
2. Production philosophy
The challenge for any company serious about making the best software of its kind is to recreate on an industrial scale the handmade devotion to quality. Faithfully executing Intempt's designs means following several production principles: acknowledging the state of the art at the outset, developing long-term relationships with customers, employees, partners, always putting quality first (above on-time delivery and low cost), taking extra steps at the start of building to make sure all development plans are set up correctly (rather than making costly corrections further down the line), and borrowing ideas from previous generations and often other disciplines.
3. Distribution philosophy
Intempt's products are sold only through the Internet – worldwide at the lowest cost possible. This diversity of distribution has been a tremendous advantage for Intempt, since if one geographic area is performing poorly risk is minimized.
4. Image philosophy
Intempt's image stems from the values and the pursuits of data-driven insights, respect for technology advancing humankind, and the passions of its founders and employees: that of authentic, hardcore, quality products made by the same people who use them. The image will evolve over the years but the desire for engineers to value data over opinion, won't. We make the best data software in the world, with a commitment to using it to democratize decision making and continue to liberate the world from human bias.
5. Financial philosophy
Intempt strives to balance the funding of it’s activities with the desire to continue in business for the next several decades. It views profit as necessary but not the end goal. It’s a privately owned company and there is no desire to sell it until there is evidence that it’s future is best served elsewhere. Sid doesn't want Intempt to be a big company at all costs – but most definitely the best-in-class product company (at any cost).
6. Human resource philosophy
Intempt's mission stems from its origins as a Product Manager observing companies push customer data into niche tools that then ran processes on the customer assuming it had all the necessary information. This was patently false.
Today, Intempt selects employees who will fit with the company culture and it values of all kinds. With an average of 100 people applying for each job vacancy, it takes its time to find the right fit. We also intend to promote from within, keep the company culture strong, and take the time to train.
Intempt has always allowed employees to work flexible hours, work-from-home as long as the work gets done with no negative impacts on others. The flexitime policy allows employees to “catch a good swell, go bouldering for an afternoon, pursue an education, or get home in time to greet the kids when they come down from the school bus”.
This flexibility allows the company to keep valuable employees who value their freedom. The benefits package is generous and centers around two main objectives of good living: we will do what it takes to ensure you and your family are healthy and we will do what it takes to share our profits with you. We imagine if we do this well, you will take care of the rest.
7. Management philosophy
Intempt supports decisions made through consensus, and an open office with no doors or separations. We believe the best leadership is by example and we should all show up the way we expect to be treated. We expect a high degree of professionalism and commitment to our work and we show up that way.
8. Data philosophy
Since our main reason for being in business is to enable corporations to remove human bias from their customer decision making, it is absolutely necessary for us to ensure this data is safe, secure and private.
This philosophy starts with us. We do not share our data with any third parties and if we utilize other tools we ensure their terms and conditions do not allow them to use customer data. The data we operate does not belong to Intempt; we are simply an operator on behalf of our customers' that own the data. In many cases, Intempt does not store data but merely passes it through to our the destination of our customers' choice.
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