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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion at Intempt
Here at Intempt, our work shapes our culture and our culture inspires our work. We seek to work with creative makers that want to be the best at their craft.
We believe the best companies bring together diversity in race, age, physical and mental ability, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, perspectives, and ideas. And people do their best work when they feel like they belong — included, valued, and equal. This is the Intempt we want to build, where everyone brings their full selves to work knowing that they’ll be heard, championed, and supported to succeed. We hope you’ll join us.
What we know now:
We believe in the importance of a diverse team because we believe it's crucial to our success and product. We try to add meaning to peoples everyday life by helping them reach quality content instead of cat gifs on Facebook. This can only be done by a group of people with different backgrounds, expertise, personalities, talents, ideas and opinions.
We believe being inclusive is important because it fits our core values of wanting to be a great place to work and really caring for each other. A place where people feel welcome and can be themselves. Inclusivity is crucial to our work environment and culture.
We have trouble hiring diverse profiles. We noticed no flaws in the hiring process which would lead to favor a certain type of profile. We did notice that the 'pools' in which we are hiring (marketing and tech) are dominated by a certain profile which could explain this trend.
We have open-minded people at Intempt who are willing and are becoming more aware.

Some observations:
The way we work (especially in meetings) suits extroverted people better than introverted people (isn't that always the case with meetings?). But we love introverts! Most of us at Intempt at more introverted than extroverted, including our CEO, Sid.
There is a lot of variation on standard diversity variables like political views, religion, age, ethnicity, gender and educational background. We have people of many nationalities and resident in many countries.
Most of the leaders at Intempt are male.
There is equal pay between men and women in the same role.
We believe aiming for diversity numbers narrows the conversation on the topic for now. We decided to use the data to feed the conversation but not implement quotas.

What we do:
Fight bias in hiring. For example by not looking at a resume when people ask to evaluate a test, but asking questions related to the actual job. This way the first judgement is based on relevant information, not on age or a picture.
Emphasize the fact that we would like more diverse profiles to reply on our job postings by adding it to our vacancies:"Final remark: we think it's important to have a diverse workforce, so please don't hesitate to apply if you think or look differently. We actually like that."
Track the basic data.
Guard equal pay.
Actively source diverse profiles.

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