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Intempt's Employee Handbook

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Getting people in!

The days of post and pray (put out a job ad and wait for people to apply) are over and we believe that is a good thing. Sure, we still put our vacancies online so people know we are hiring, but that is only the first part of our plan of attack. Let's dig in!

1. Job posting

Goal: get word out that we're hiring for a specific role and have something to refer to.
We post our vacancies available in English
HR is admin and updates pictures and copy on the overall page. If you have suggestions, please poke them.
The hiring manager is responsible for the vacancy and job description.

2. Branding

Goal: long term brand building.
At Intempt we are pretty good at positioning ourselves as a company that knows what they are doing. That’s no coincidence: most of the time we do and we have a lot of smart people working here. That’s the basis of course. But to give that image a hand, think about the following things:
Share/open source pieces of your work for others to use
Stay up to date: don’t forget to invest in reading/listening/watching stuff going on in your field. When sharing something cool you learned by looking at new things: +1!
Always be selling.
There is a potential applicant in everyone we meet. Even if it's not them, their neighbour, friend or relative might be interested.
This way, we get high quality frontend applicants who send us an application

3. Sourcing

Goal: both short and long term. Get people in who are a match according to us.
Sourcing is our most important way to get people in. Sourcing is every way of proactively asking people - who we find interesting - if they are interested in working with us. This mainly happens online and can really be an art. The days of just Linkedin inmails are over, we have to be more creative.
Important: We only use candidate info that is publicly available when sourcing. If we reach out to candidates we mention where we found them and where we got there contact info. We rely on legit interest when we reach out, but delete all data when a candidate is unresponsive or not interested. We only source candidates after a hiring team reviewed the profile, so reaching out is always a serious invitation for a cup of coffee.
Sourcing is practically always part of the hiring strategy because it's the fastest way to get quality people in. Some pointers:
Do it for every job. Also for jobs that get a lot of applicants (like the editorial positions). We recommend everybody to use sourcing.
Source to pin down your profile. New roles can be hard to pin down in a few bullet points. Since we can only hire (or turn down) someone if we know exactly what we are looking for, sourcing can be a good addition. You make a list of 20 people who match your profile so far on paper, aks your top 5 if they would like to have a cup of coffee with you. Use those conversations to finish your profile.
Always start with sourcing. Mainly because it takes time and it takes more steps than an applicant who is ready to go. So don't wait until you notice you don't have enough good people coming in. Start with it.

As said, sourcing is an art. So leave the black belt sourcing hacking shizzle to We will help and advise you in the process. What you can do now is think about these different groups and ask yourself if you know (or know people who know) good people.
The fastest and best hires come from our network. From people you know, who know people (who know people…). You get it ;). Also actively ask people you think are great to share the job post or intro a few people that would be a good match.
This might look the same as your network but it isn’t. Everybody is part of different types of community. Private communities: church, scouting, soccer, Ingress, chessclub, WOW, forums. Or work communities: meet-ups, drinks, conventions or studies. This can be online and offline.
To do:
Map out your own communities and pick a few where you feel relevant people might be walking around. Try posting the job there in some way.
Try to map out communities your perfect candidate might be a part of. So is there is a big data convention coming up, big chance there might be data people there, let’s see what we can do to get their attention. Post a job, do a talk.
Former applicants
People change and learn. Go through the list of former applicants and see if there is someone there who might be interesting now. Check the notes or ask someone who spoke to him/her earlier to make sure you invite someone interesting.
Former applicants are potential fans and a good network to have. They showed interest in Intempt and a job here, so they might tip others to do so too if we play our cards right. Always be good to every applicant and you’ll see you can even ask them if they know anybody who might fit the role.
Ex employees
We have a pretty good relationship with people who left Intempt. Think about ex employees from Intempt (or your former job) and consider approaching them to ask them if they know someone. The upside is that they know what it takes. Be careful of course, there can be a good reason why someone isn’t working at Intempt anymore.
Also consider asking if they would like the job themselves. #rehiring.
Sourcing is done to expand the 'natural' range. So if we can’t reach the right person via other people we know, communities or our network: we should source (we should all do it ;)). Sourcing is a skill and the real pros spend 40 hours a week on this to get results. ‘Getting someone in’ usually takes time and more than one message.
On a smaller scale, it can be interesting to ‘source 3rd connections’. So when you think about for example Linkedin: just type in the job title and one of the needed skills or expertise and see who is already in your network.

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