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Paid time off

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Family leave

Being or becoming a parent can be challenging at home and at work. No matter if you are already a parent or are going to be one, you might have some questions about what Intempt has in place for Intempt moms and dads. This page should contain all the information you seek.
If you are the primary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 12 weeks leave at 100% paid salary. If you are the secondary caregiver of a new child, you can take up to 4 weeks leave at 100% paid salary. You may also choose to take an additional 8 weeks leave unpaid as the primary or secondary caregiver. This time is meant for bonding with the new child and should commence from the date of birth or placement.

Maternity leave
When you're pregnant, we recommend you inform your lead and HR no later than 3 months before your due date. This way we have enough time for preparing our plans and working schedules to make things work when you are absent. We also need a pregnancy statement from your doctor with the due date.

Some practical info:
Absence during pregnancy:
If you happen to get ill because of your pregnancy or if you have to be absent because of doctor appointments, please inform your lead. Our general guidelines on and
absence also apply in this case.

Intempt pays your full salary up to 12 weeks leave. How many to take as pregnancy or birth leave you should distribute them yourself.
To-do during pregnancy:
At least 3 months before your due date:
Tell your lead and HR that you are pregnant
Send your pregnancy statement to HR
At least 3 weeks before your leave:
Together with your lead, set a date for your leave and inform HR
Discuss possible work-related adjustments with your lead (like parental leave, breastfeeding)
Within 4 weeks after birth:
Inform HR of the birth date
Let your lead and HR know if you need anything when you are back at work

Birth leave
As a partner (if you are not the one giving birth) you are also entitled to leave after the birth of your child. The official term for this is birth leave. You can take 2 weeks before birth and help your partner to get ready for one of the major events in life and 2 weeks off to enjoy your new offspring and help your partner, or you can take all 4 weeks after the birth at once. During these 4 weeks, you get your full salary paid. Just make sure you and your lead have made arrangements about the continuity of the ongoing projects/work within your team during your absence. And inform the
Again, please let us know if you and your partner encounter unexpected complications. We’ll do our best to help where we can.

Parental leave
As some of us are parents, we perfectly understand, that there are some unexpected circumstances and challenges rising the little humans. So as a parent you are entitled to have days of paid parental leave per month if necessary. Just please inform HR and your team lead of such unexpected circumstances that appeared
Please let your lead and HR know if you are planning to take parental leave. HR can help you with all your questions.

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