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Paid time off

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Sick days and personal leave

We don’t track sick days either. If you’re under the weather, take the time you need to feel better within reason. Intempt recognizes, too, that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Consider taking a mental health day every now and again when you’re feeling overwhelmed or mentally fatigued. If a day or two won’t cut it, we’ll work with you to find a way to reduce the burden of your work at Intempt on your overall mental health. We really do want your work at Intempt to be the best work you do in your life, and we appreciate that that’s not possible if you’re uncertain about your health.
Your outlets at Intempt if you’re feeling your mental or physical health is taking a toll on your work? So many to choose from! You can go to your manager at any time or during one of your regular 1:1 meetings. You can go to HR at any time, who with your permission can work with your manager to help you. Additionally, your manager should check in with you, proactively, to periodically make sure you’re doing okay.

You are ill/sick or had an accident and can not work.
Let your team and your lead know that your are sick and when you expect to feel better. If your lead isn't in or on holidays, you can contact CEO.
Update everyone on how you are feeling if it takes longer than expected. Have rest until you are better.
Let your team lead and CEO know when you are back.

Don't feel guilty for being sick.
Go to the doctor in time if you need to. Don't act tough.
If you have weird or vague complaints over a longer period of time like headaches, bad sleep, or panic-related stuff-check your stress level.

Personal Leave
If you are under treatment or recovery for a serious medical condition and are unable to work for a week or more because of it, let us know and you can take time off at 100% pay for up-to 4 weeks. If after that, you’re still unable to work, Intempt will continue to pay you 50% of your pay until you’re better, up to twelve weeks off. These days are an emergency, separate from your vacation/sick time described above. If after this period of time, you still cannot work, talk to your manager, Sid or Kristina, and we will discuss what comes next on a case-by-case basis.

Work at Intempt

If you want to work at Intempt you can check our
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