Perks and benefits

Office costs covered:

Whether you prefer a home office or a co-working space, we'll help pay for it .

Annual team retreats: Every (non pandemic) year we get the whole crew together for a week away. Bring your significant other, this isn't about work! This is on-hold because of Covid, but we plan to restart this in 2022.

Expense Account

If you have any doubts about whether or not to expense something, just ask. We require a receipt for all expenses. When you do buy something, get a receipt!

Intempt has no expense policy. We trust our employees to spend money wisely. If you’re booking a flight, you don’t need to buy the cheapest, 2-layover redeye; buy the convenient, well-priced seat. If you’re attending a conference on behalf of Intempt, sure, Intempt will buy your meals. Just try to stay away from caviar and champagne at dinner (okay, maybe once if you have a great day to celebrate).

Speaking of conferences – try to limit your attendance at professional conferences to once a year. Don’t extend your hotel stay too far to either side of the conference schedule; you should be traveling specifically to attend the conf. Our conference budget guidelines mirror our mini meet-up budget guidelines!

If you ever have questions about conference travel or need guidance about what “spend it wisely” means, just ask!

  • Flexible Holidays: We require you to take 2 weeks off a year. The rest is up-to you depending on what you need.
  • Flexible hours: We want you to find out what works for you best. Just know that we don't keep track of hours. We trust you. Our standing meetings are MWF with 1-off's Tu/Th.
  • Laptop: If needed, we provide you with a laptop that suits your job. Ask HR for further info.
  • Satellite Workplace: we've built a pretty nice office to make sure you like being at Intempt satellite offices in Vilnius and Austin. Feel free to sit where you want. Even better: dare to switch your workplace every once in a while.

Work at Intempt

If you want to work at Intempt you can check our job ads here.