Performance levels

0) Fail

An individual performing at the Ineffective level shows more missed opportunities and negative evidence than they do positive evidence. They see positive evidence of the expected outcome less than 50 percent of the time.

1) Good

Individuals who are new in the learning curve and have not mastered key job responsibilities consistently demonstrates or may be learning the required role knowledge and does not yet fully perform all requirements and duties work is regularly incomplete and/or does not meet the minimal standards for quantity or quality; often misses deadlines. Takes little to no initiative, even with prompting. Requires more than the expected level of supervision due to lower quality work or level of learning required to complete role successfully consistent interactions with peers and/or management

3) Very Good

An individual performing at the Developing level is not perfect, but clearly on the right track: They see the expected outcomes most of the time, with most tasks, and in most cases. “most” means “nearly always,” or 76-90 percent of the time.

4) Excellent

Individuals who regularly meet and sometimes exceed expectations and role requirements. Meets goals set for the yearPossesses full depth and breadth of role knowledgePerceived by peers, managers, students, and other customers as collaborative, skilled, and reliable. Consistently interacts effectively with peers and/or management


Individuals who significantly and consistently exceed expectations and role requirements. Exceeds goals set for the year demonstrates exceptional depth and breadth of role knowledge, highly recognized by others within the University community. Demonstrates role model behavior for other supervisors/staff members to emulateConsistently performing at this level leads to promotions.

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