General disciplinary measures

We use disciplinary procedures in exceptional cases and only to tell you that your performance isn't up to the expected standard and to encourage improvement.

Before taking formal disciplinary action or dismissing you, we may try to raise the matter informally with you. This is often a good way of resolving a problem quickly. However, sometimes we can go straight to our formal disciplinary or dismissal procedures.

But if we come to this stage,  let us explain what you should expect and what will follow.

1) a letter setting out the reasons or reasons why we are considering disciplinary action

2)  a meeting to discuss the issue

3) a disciplinary decision

4) a chance to appeal this decision

After the final decision is made, a written warning was issued, and if it was not a critical violation of your contract, you should prepare an improvement plan, lets us approve it, and follow the plan for the next two months.

There is a limit of  3(three) written warnings per 6 (six) months and the last one sadly is finally leading to significant changes in your duties or dismissal.