Visual Designer



Intempt is looking for a midweight visual designer with a background in design both on the graphic and digital side to join a bustling, vibrant team. You will be creating illustrations for animation and infographics. The main component of this role is illustration so first and foremost this is your passion, you'll literally be getting your hands dirty in ink with hand drawn sketches and on the Adobe CS6 packages as well, predominantly Illustrator (no surprise!). The secondary part of this role is designing, so having junior-midweight capabilities in design is also a must. Animation skills would also be a great plus!


  • Enhancing our brand image using color, typography and illustration.
  • Working on our logo and our mascot to enhance our brand appeal
  • Working on technical illustrations to make complex concepts simple to understand
  • Working on extending our icon library to encapsulate complex concepts in a tiny icon


  • 3-4 years agency experience preferably in a brand orientated agency
  • A portfolio of predominantly illustration work with a selection of design work to a junior/mid level
  • A range of illustration styles from corporate to very out there - dependent on the client
  • A degree in graphic design or a similar discipline

Why work at Intempt?

  • You're interested in profit sharing at an early (seed stage) startup
  • You're interested in boosting your career growth by delivering on a big responsibility at an innovative startup
  • You're interested in a flexible work and vacation schedule

How to Apply

We like to keep the core team small, automate as much as possible with robots, build great software, and enjoy our work. Those are the things we optimize for. If that sounds like a good fit for you, then we’d encourage you to get in touch!Just drop us your cv at hr@intempt.com

If you know someone who would be a great fit - maybe send them a link to this page?