Intempt is hiring

If you join us, you’ll be an early team member in helping shape:

1.Our company culture

2.Our engineering practices

3.People we hire

4.The direction and focus on our products


Customer success
Referral bonus


How do I get in touch?

You can email us: hr@intempt.com & we’ll be in touch! If your resume and background appear like a good match, someone will reach out for an initial phone screen.

Where is Intempt located?

Intempt is a US company that does not have an official HQ. We all work 100% remotely.

If working out of a physical location with most of your co-workers is your preference a majority of the time, we would not recommend applying.

Are you okay with remote employment?

Yes but only close to the GMT +3 timezone at the moment. We hire 100% of our staff as remote employees and we have been building a remote culture from day 1. We only hire residents that are +/- 3 hours off of GMT+3.

Have you raised any money?

Yes - happy to tell you how much over the phone.

Do you provide any healthcare benefits?

Yes - Medical, dental, vision, and 401K if you're in the US, rest of the world it depends but we make sure all our people are well taken care of.

How does Intempt make money?

We’ll charge our customers a subscription between $199/mo and up. We plan to target marketing professionals working in SMB's within $0-10M in revenue where Marketers want to be self-sufficient and not bogged down by data issues to be productive.

Are you open to bringing on interns?

Yes, we have opened an internship program across all teams at the company. Please apply within.

What’s the interview process like?

We’ll likely do a quick 15-30 minute phone call just to make sure we’re on the same page. After that, we’d love to chat with you in-person & work on a process together that feels fair. It generally involves a short test and then a meeting with the hiring manager to go over your test.

How many people do you plan to hire?

We plan to grow the team a bit to around ~15 total people  through the second half of 2021—in which case, we may reevaluate. The next set of people are going to help us to scale to hundreds and eventually thousands of paying users as we progress to product-market-fit. We’ll be hiring mostly engineers and a few key non-technical roles.

What’s the technical stack that you’re working on?

We primarily write code in Java, Javascript and Vue.JS. We use Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Flink, Kafka, Spark and Clickhouse to process and store data in various purpose driven formats.

What is work/life balance like at your company?

We work flexible hours and generally look to put solid 8 hour days in and then spend time with family.  As a result of being an early stage startup, we wouldn’t want to hide this reality to prospective candidates: raw hours actually make a big difference in the impact we can make right now.  Often we find ourselves working longer hours, on rare occasions a weekend, but it’s mostly driven by personal ambition and here's how it works. We compensate adequately with a transparent  bonus structure for results that took extra time and effort. We don’t have any expectations of anyone to do so. It's for personal growth and rewards and it is not expected. We believe in living the work and life integration that makes sense for you and your family.