At Intempt we value the Freedom and Responsibility of giving Proactive and Honest feedback to drive excellent Team Work. We try to build input points into everything we do. We even got feedback on upgrading our Feedback process - all of which is incorporated into the new process below.

Typical Feedback Moments @ Intempt:

  • Sprint retro - every 2 weeks. How did the cycle go? What did we learn? How did we feel?
  • Agile Process retro - Monthly. How can we improve the process and collaboration?
  • BIG HR People Survey - Q1 on how did the previous year go for Employee experience.

The Just In Time Coaching Feedback Process

We feel the yearly feedback model is good, but limited. So we plan to give you feedback during our daily conversations. However, it's great to look yearly at the macro or big picture.

At least every year we want to make sure you get a formal feedback and coaching conversation focused on your personal and professional development, and progress. And luckily, the yearly process aligns to the timing of our Vision Values Methods Obstacles Measures, so you can chat about both with your manager at the same time.

The Process:

YOU run your process - End to End. By having full ownership you control your development (that responsible value again 🙂) and focus on teamwork and honesty by discussing feedback together (rather than through your manager). So you're developing from the development process itself!


Let's get started.....!


Tips for receiving feedback

  • Always assume feedback is given to help you
  • Be open to listening and don't get stuck in a spiral of defending or pointing fingers back. Take responsibility if something went wrong and focus on learning how to work together better.
  • Be curious - Why is this feedback given to you? What is really at the root of it? Is it the feedback itself that indicates a problem or is some emotion underlying it that needs to be addressed?

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