Prerequisite: Please read our Core Values, our How we work and your Learning & Development Plan thoroughly before proceeding. This is because Intempt rewards employees who follow our Core Values, execute at or above their current Job Level and as per your Learning & Development plan. We operate as a meritocracy rooted in our Core Values.

  1. If you exceed expectations (as outlined in L&D) consistently for 3 quarters, you are eligible for a raise since you are indicating that you are performing at a new normal within your Job Level.
  2. If you are meeting expectations consistently at the next Job Level for 3 quarters, you are eligible for a promotion since you are indicating that you are performing at a new normal at the next Job Level.
  3. If you have a milestone based raise or promotion planned, the raise or promotion will happen on the calendar month after the milestone is achieved; this is discouraged since we don't believe in "carrot and stick" management (we are not children vs adults here, we are all adults). Instead we believe in intrinsic motivation (as opposed to extrinsic). That said, there are some nuanced situations where this makes sense but they are increasingly rare.

You do not need to be bothered about any of this. We suggest you follow your natural rate of growth and development and on your yearly anniversary, Intempt will have a conversation with you and it will be rooted in these principles. Happy employees are the most productive. Projects are way easier to manage and we want us all to win in work and in life.