Q1/Q2 Intempt OKRs

Improve the quality of our code-base

  • Maintain 0 critical, major, or medium bugs for at least 2 sprints
  • Maintain < 10 minor bugs on the codebase at all times
  • Highest & high priority bug fix turnaround time <48 hours
  • Increase unit test code coverage to 40% across all repos
  • Maintain 99.99% uptime across all microservices

Reach 0 critical technical debts across the codebase

  • We have 0 data loss for any ingested data
    • Implement Flink Operator for state preserving
  • We can support more than 10,000 concurrent destinations
    • Centrifuge + Destination service separation
  • We reduce our AWS costs by at least 30%
    • Reduce AWS costs
  • We can ingest more than 10,000 data items per minute
    • Reconstruct Clickhouse database tables
  • We can replay any historical event data
    • Implement replay

Get the infrastructure ready for product launch

  • All microservices must pass the performance and scalability tests as per the scalability document
  • Enable to deploy the platform on a private AWS VPC
    • Enable all services to support multi-cloud provider
  • Catch 100% of production alerts
    • Setup Better Uptime

Improve our engineering velocity

  • Reduce review time to 24 hours
  • Reduce cycle time to 1.5 days on average
  • Reach 50% completion rate of tasks per sprint
  • Front-end is blocked = 0 times per sprint by backend
  • We can deploy multiple microservices within 5 minutes
    • Set up and implement automatic CI/CD with CircleCI

Reach robust testing automation coverage

  • Reach Newman API automation test coverage on all repos > 80%
  • Reach Cypress End to end test coverage on all Onboarding/FTUE scenarios > 80%
  • Reach OWASP ZAP automation passing on all API’s and UI’s > 99%
  • Reach JMeter automated testing on all repos passing isolated performance and scalability checks > 80%
  • We have all key steps/onboarding defined for the automation Smoke test

Reach MVP* for SaaS industry

  • Trigger 100% Playbooks in less than 1 minute via email, Slack and inbox
    • Implement Playbooks
  • Update account handling implementation

Reach MVP* for Retail industry

  • Serve real-time recommendations with less than 0.4 latency time
    • Implement Recommendation models
  • Serve personalized content (with liquid) via segment matching with less than 0.4s latency time

Maximize our ability to grow by optimizing for Single Player Mode “It just works”

  1. Using our funnel, prove that the 3 ICP/ target users (from separate companies) can operate Intempt single player (marketer) or dual player (+1 engineer) mode using low-code principles
  2. Using our funnel, get verbal (recorded) or written feedback (via product/meetings) that 10 users (from different companies) are willing to deploy the product in staging
  3. Using our funnel, get verbal (recorded) or written feedback that 7 users (from different companies) are willing to deploy the tool in production.
  4. Using our funnel, get verbal (recorded) or written feedback that 3 users (from different companies) are willing to pay US$10K ACV (US$833 MRR) for the tool in production

Be extremely proactive in collecting, collating, building and shipping customer requests

  1. We meet with all 100% customers renewing/not-renewing in the quarter and understand why they renew/not-renew
  2. We collect feedback and for the renewing customers ask them to review us on G2 for 5-stars
  3. We collect feedback for the non-renewing customers and build for their pain and ask them to re-activate after we have shipped their requests
  4. We collect automated feedback from customers daily and communicate proactively on progress via public roadmap
  5. We design, build, test and ship software every 2 weeks and announce the changelog back to customers

Build for Natural Rate of Growth

  1. We maintain average NPS of 9 and an average CSAT of 90%
  2. 5 customer testimonials published on our value differentiators on G2
  3. Increase average number of products adopted per account from 1 to 2
  4. Drive net revenue retention above 100% so we target growing customers, not customers reducing MTU
  5. Define the sticky feature adoption for SMB and ensure Onboarding encourages/requires customers to adopt these specific high LTV features

Get our product ready for full PLG motion

  • Our customers can create a growth board within first 5 minutes after signup
    • Implement Growth boards + templates
  • Our customers can create a journey within first 5 minutes after signup
    • Implement Journey templates
  • 70% of our first customers continue using the product after the 1st day of sign up
    • Implement new home page with checklists, announcements, feedback and ideas
    • Update our top bar and side bar with the new design

Improve platform data security for GA

  • Reach 0 critical-major security vulnerabilities in our infrastructure
    • Setup Snyk
    • Setup ISTIO
    • Setup Falco
    • Setup OWASP ZAP
    • Implement Pod security
    • Secure AWS/ Kubernetes clusters

Improve platform/company data privacy, compliance for GA

  • Reach zero risk with deploying Intempt into a GDPR or CCPA compliant organization
    • Ensure Opt In / Opt Out
    • Setup responding to DSR requests
    • Setup delete
    • Setup Kintent and move through GDPR, CCPA and SOC-2 compliance

Our product is well-documented & presented to customers

  • Document and publish 100% documentation for Iteration, 1, 2 & 3
  • Setup a SaaS demo project with a sample dataset
  • Setup a Retail demo project with a sample dataset
  • Get at least 10 leads to finish a Product tour in Navattic for SaaS and Retail
  • Conduct at least 5 heuristic evaluations/user testing sessions for 5 retailers and SaaS companies

We run efficient R&D operations guided by Data and Intuition

  • Maintain up-to-date GANTT roadmap for at least 1 quarter in advance
  • We have high-fidelity mocks at least 1 quarter ahead of the frontend development
  • 100% Ownership of Dev, QA, Sec, Ops processes with zero outsourcing - own our destiny
  • We have a dashboard that monitors R&D operations fully
    • Jira dashboard including R&D performance (stability, throughput, Swarmia, DX included)
    • Cypress testing dashboard (Cypress, Newman, OWASP ZAP)
    • Uptime dashboard (Prometheus, Grafana)

Build a company employees love

We are an efficient recruiting machine that ensures bench strength

  1. We close any open full-time position within 30 days with a 10% close rate
    1. Our screening process requires resume’ to have relevant experience
    2. Our screening process requires an automated test Sid
    3. Our screening process requires a live “fit sync” post automated test
    4. For every candidate request our turnaround time for the next step is 24 hours or 1 working day
    5. Technical evaluation takes no more than 2 working days or 3 if we are in emergency
  2. We close any open part-time position in 7 days with a 10% close rate

Create an experience that enables all teammates to achieve their fullest potential → Sid

  1. eNPS increases 15% so employees build networks and relationships beyond themselves
  2. Onboarding and training for new hires improves 15% via eNPS and pulse surveys
  3. >95% of people understand our product strategy and feel confident in their contribution to it as per Pulse surveys
  4. >90% employees feel like they’re growing valuable skill-sets so the job is a career via Pulse surveys

Our team members thrive on diversity and in the face of adversity or prosperity

  1. All R&D employes get their Learning & Development plan revisited every quarter to ensure tracking against Meets to Exceeds
  2. Everyone has a 1:1 conversation focused on their L&D plan every 2 weeks
  3. 100% of the R&D team identifies 1 professional development skill in L&D plan
  4. 100% of the R&D team receives a professional review each year

We are transparent with our values including compensation framework to all → Sid

  1. Share our values and our fair and equitable Compensation framework to all employees via Handbook
  2. Pay founder bonus (for exceeds expectations) given a fairness doctrine starting Q2, 2023 period

We take care of our employes in ways that matter

  • Ensure all R&D employees are paid fairly according to knowledge and experience
  • Ensure that all R&D employees that consistently Exceed Expectations are raised and/or promoted according to our raise/promotion process (outlined in Handbook)
  • Ensure that our R&D employees concerns on any working conditions are fixed within 30 calendar days
  • Ensure that our employees are paid accurately and on-time
    1. Contractors timesheets are submitted and approved by 5th of month
    2. Fixed and variables pay are sent for approval on 7th of month
    3. Payroll templates are prepared in Quickbooks by 15th of month
    4. Payroll tax payment templates are prepared in banks by 15th of month
    5. Employees are submitting invoices before 10th of month

Our employees feel supported from the first to the last day in the Company (and beyond)

  • Ensure all new employees onboarded with care and feel supported
    1. Employees received a welcome email , W-8BEN and Contract and NDA forms upon accepting an offer.
    2. Employees have been introduced to two-factor verification policy, have necessary corporate accounts created before day 1.
    3. Onboarding meeting walking through vacations, holidays policies, payment and invoicing policies have been held before day 1.
  • Ensure our employees are provided with working conditions they need.
    1. All employees are provided with necessary software
    2. Employees aware about possibility to upgrade their working place policy
    3. Policy on buying, postage,return of necessary equipment is created and followed Kristina
  • Ensure smooth offboarding flow  
    1. Offboarding letter is sent and the offboarding document is signed by the employee 48 hrs before employee last day of work..
    2. Employee is disconnected from all corporate accounts on the last day of work.Kristina
    3. Company equipment have been returned to the company in proper condition no later that 2 weeks after employee offboarding.

Build a stable, profitable & growing enterprise (in that order)

Build to be Discovered

  1. Prepare first batch of Journey and Growth board templates
  2. Ensure that all our SDK’s on Github (including our Open Source ML Models) are being discovered on Github Titas
  3. Our Shopify app is approved within 1 month of submission after Feb 1
  4. Our Hubspot app is approved within 1 month of submission Feb 1

Build an efficient Growth OS (content, product) to acquire new customers Sid

  • Get at least 20 new monthly signups from LinkedIn and Twitter
    • Publish 12 LinkedIn and Twitter posts (each) per month (3*2 per week)
    • Prepare a publishing calendar at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Reach at least 1000 followers on Twitter and 10,000 followers on LinkedIn
    • Engage on LI and Twitter at least 1x per day each
  • Get at least 15 growth grader surveys completed per month
    • Growth grader CTAs added to the blog articles
    • Growth grader embedded into the portal
  • Reach 2000 monthly visitors on Intempt.com
    • New website published
    • Publish public template library
  • Reach 100 subscribers for our newsletter (across LinkedIn, Twitter, Research portal)
    • Subscription CTAs added to the Growth Grader
    • Twitter and Linkedin Header images are well-popped

Build an efficient growth loop inside the product

  • Get at least 8 customers that convert to a paid plan (non-friends)
  • Our customers create at least 10 public templates per month which are published on intempt.com
  • Our customers invite 2 team members on average per organization
  • We get at least 25 monthly Twitter/LinkedIn shares of Growth boards/Templates across all organizations

Start acquiring new customers by sharing market research insights

  • Get 50 monthly leads through the Research portal and LinkedIn Twitter promotion of the same

We get extremely proactive in collecting, collating, building and shipping customer requests

  • We meet with all 100% customers onboarded/not-onboarded in the quarter and understand why they onboarded/not-onboarded
  • We meet with all 100% customers renewing/not-renewing in the quarter and understand why they renew/not-renew
  • We collect feedback and for the renewing customers ask them to review us on G2 for 5-stars
  • We collect feedback for the non-renewing customers and build for their pain and ask them to re-activate after we have shipped their requests

The Financial Processes & Accounting team operates at its best

  1. Submit Tax reports to authorities audited and filed
    1. 1120-S forms e-filed and submitted to IRS by Mar 1st every year
    2. Previous year Accounts are reconciled by 15th of January 2023 and ready for audit
    3. Accounts are audited by 22nd of January of every year
    4. W-2 and 1099 forms are summarized and submitted by January 22nd of every year
    5. TWC report submitted and tax is paid by 15th of January, 15th of April, 15th of June and 15th of August and 15th of October
    6. 1040 Form Efiled and submitted to IRS by 1st of April every year
    7. UAB balance sheets are ready by 31st of January every year

Maximize our ability to grow by optimizing our unit economics across Medium business lines

  1. US$25K total stabilized self service MRR at initial target (90 days since trial end); Average US$833/mo MRR across 30 customers
  2. US$60K total medium business MRR ~ 12 medium business customers at average US$5000 stabilized MRR each at initial target (90 days since trial/enterprise pilot end)
  3. Gross margins (revenue - AWS/software costs - Customer Support costs) at 80% across both SMB/enterprise; Operating margins/EBITDA (revenue - AWS/software costs - Customer Support costs - R&D - S&M - G&A costs) at 40%
  4. Net Income (Operating income - taxes paid) at 20% profitability so US$200K/year at US$1M ARR

Enable the sales team to open, win and close more deals

  1. Product to deliver new PQL with $1M in pipeline value measured by MTU of prospects and loaded into Hubspot
  2. 50 PQL's that are ready for sales-assisted expansion by Q1, 2023
  3. Set 50 demos via Growth Grader, Research and Template Onboarding tools

Empower our sales team with great collateral and tools

  1. 6 fresh case studies added to web site
  2. 3 reviews added to G2
  3. Deliver messaging framework and solution overview for our primary ICP persona, Marketing Lifecycle Manager
  4. Ensure/revamp sales collateral for every stage of the sales cycle

We are a lean mean fighting machine -- well-armed and strategic about improving our sales-led win rate

  1. $1M in new logo ARR
  2. $83k new logo MRR
  3. 80% of our demos are for the C-Suite
  4. 80% of deals are compliant with pricing structure
  5. 100% of sales team can close within 60 days improving win rate by 50%
  6. Every sales team member reviews and optimizes their customer advisory based on Gong recordings

Improve efficiency with a data driven approach to sales

  1. All validated opportunities in Hubspot
  2. 3x pipeline coverage ratio
  3. Average deal size goes from 5K/yr to 15K/yr
  4. Qualify PQLs within 14 days after trial
  5. Every rep closes at least $75K ARR per quarter

Maintain and expand our customer base

  1. NRR > 100%
  2. CX team to host 5 learning and development sessions between customers and Intempt per quarter
  3. All existing customers renew monthly and yearly; some existing customers expand NRR usage; some existing customers expand solution usage

Establish RevOps and CX processes by unifying the experience in Intercom for escalations, renewals and payment

  1. 100% of Rev Ops requests use Intercom
  2. 100% of CX team requests use Intercom
  3. Define and publish Revenue Ops SLAs
  4. Define and publish CX team SLAs

Provide exceptional customer experience that extends customer lifetime

  1. 100% of new accounts active on high-value features
  2. At least 80% of customers use our differentiated features
  3. Retention forecast accuracy within 2% of actual
  4. Measure NPS of ALL customers, not just active customers, with NPS at least 9
  5. Measure CSAT of ALL active customers; ensure 4+ stars and prepare for G2 review

The Customer Success team operates at its best

  1. Establish targets for CX professionals
  2. All new CSMs onboard their first account within 14 days of hire
  3. Reduce average initial response time on customer conversations by 50%
  4. Hold 30 product knowledge-building sessions this quarter with customers